Body Painting


BODY PAINTING – the art of painting the nude or partially uncovered human body to resemble everything from creatures of legend to animals to superheroes – is very popular in today’s world. Companies like the Playboy organization and Sports Illustrated magazine have been using body painted models in their publications and special events, using only the top artists in this highly specialized field. And we think the best body painter working today is a lovely young woman from South Korea named Hyewon Ahn.


In 2007, while living in London, Hyewon was a finalist in the BBC Vision Design Competition for Make-Up. That was just the beginning for the artist. Just five years later, she won the covered World Champion award at the International Body Painting Festival in Asia. Today, with more than 14 years of professions in motion pictures, television, theatre, fashion and theatre, Ms. Ahn ranks at the top of her field, hailed by critics, clients and colleagues as a leading figure in not only body painting, but also in make-up, hair design and styling, wig design and even special effects (the real hands-on kind, no CGI). And when it comes to the gorier special effects for horror movies, this beautiful and very feminine young lady really can cut the flesh and pour on the blood alongside the best “gore maestros” in the business! Somewhere in between all of these artistic endeavors, Hyewon has also enjoyed a successful modeling career.


For a number of years Hyewon worked extensively in London. Assignments there included supervising a production of Cabaret for the Savoy Theatre and A Chorus Line for the London Palladium in the city’s West End. Also she was employed at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum to create several realistic-looking celebrity models, including wax doppelgangers of Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth II, Elvis Presley and David Beckham. Hyewon also worked in her native South Korea (where she even applied her painting skills to the country’s president. Park Geun-hye).


Hyewon Ahn has achieved international recognition. But her dream was to come to the United States and work in motion pictures in television. Recently, Ms. Ahn relocated to Los Angeles, where she has already worked on principal artists, choruses and actors in more than 90 opera productions, satisfying their make-up, wig dressing, special effects and body painting needs as appropriate for the character, time period, culture and nationality. In 2016 she taught body painting in a week-long lecture series at Hong Kong Design Institute.


Soon she will be working with Pecosborn Productions on a series of horror movies requiring such specialized talents and skills as her own. And, of course, she will be working, when her abilities are called upon, with Las Vegas Talent Agency.

To see, hear and marvel at Hyewon Ahn as she “does her elegant thing” in the creative and colorful world of comic book “cosplay,” click on the link below (post written by Donald F. Glut).

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